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On the 1st of January 2015 the SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC) acquired the ADS Aerospace Standards, previously known as the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) Aerospace Standards. The SAE ITC, established in 2003, operates as a trade association as part of the SAE International Enterprise, providing a unique framework serving the automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicle sectors.

The SAE ITC wishes to draw special attention to the fact that some Technical Specifications (TS) include testing and procedures by which a user or Design Authority can establish whether a particular manufacturer has the capability to produce hardware in accordance with the appropriate standards and related specifications.

Technical Specification 200 (TS200) was a PDF document that listed manufacturers for SBAC, ADS, and SAE ITC Aerospace Industry Standard (AS, AGS, and ESC Series) Parts. In January 2019, TS200 was updated to issue 45, which can be found free of charge here. This retains the rivet notices and some manufacturing symbols. For current data for the Qualified Manufacturers List / Qualified Products List (QPL) please refer to this website, Some recent previous qualification data may be accessible by clicking on the Historical Data link on a certificate view. For earlier Qualified Manufacturers please refer to TS200 issue 44.

Suppliers listed here have satisfied the relevant Technical Standards Committee (TSC), through test reports and/or other requirements as specified by the relevant technical specifications, that they have the capability to manufacture the listed products in accordance with the standards. Products manufactured during a period of qualification validity (e.g. prior to expiration) are still considered valid parts manufactured in accordance with the qualification requirement, even if the qualification expired while the parts were sitting in stock on a shelf. However, the SAE ITC, its servants, or representatives accept no responsibility for the continued quality of hardware items produced against the relevant drawings and specifications; this responsibility remains with the user.

This application is a beta test version of a blockchain-backed software database intended to replace the qualification data in the PDF version of TS200 Issue 44, which can be found free of charge here. For all qualified manufacturers and qualified parts, this application provides an electronic view of the manufacturers' certificates that qualified suppliers are expected to provide to their customers, which includes a display of qualification validity dates. In most cases, clicking on a certificate number will show the relevant certificate. If you are attempting to validate a manufacturer's qualification, please be sure to view the certificate directly as that may contain additional information not in the search results listing. For confirmation of manufacturers' certificates prior to Jan 2019 please contact the SAE ITC ASPQP.

This application has been developed for modern Web browsers such as Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported.

You can use the application by entering a query in the search bar above, for a part number (e.g."AS27862") or certain terms from part descriptions (e.g. "Electrical Connector") or a manufacturer name. You can also conduct a blank search. Filters on the left can help you narrow your results. If you have feedback on this application, please let us know.

Whilst the SAE ITC takes all reasonable care in the preparation of its Standards and qualification list, neither the SAE ITC, its officers, employees, servants, agents or representatives, shall have any responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to any act or omission (whether negligent or not) of whatsoever nature, or in connection with the preparation of the Standards or any part thereof. These responsibilities are those of the user or Design Authority. Users of SAE ITC Standards agree that any such liability on the part of the SAE ITC is excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. SAE ITC Standards may be changed from time to time, and both users and manufacturers of these parts should ensure they are in possession of the latest issue of the Standards and supporting documentation before adoption or the commencement of production.